Every choice you make has an end result.” – Zig Ziglar


Just as you select your provider, you and only you, should decide where you go for imaging.

Important decisions require sufficient time because they affect you in the long run. Choosing an imaging center for a diagnostic imaging scan is crucial to make sure you get the best care possible. You need to choose the imaging center where you will have a CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, or digital x-ray done in a professional way. The freedom to choose a center is great; however, having multiple choices to choose from is new to our area. To help you choose Compass Peak Imaging recommends the following advice. Remember, it is your choice and you should make an educated one.

What to Consider

Your imaging choice should be credentialed. The best imaging centers are inspected and credentialed by the American College of Radiology. All staff, from radiologist to technologist should be registered or be board certified in their fields. A reputable imaging center should be more than willing to provide you with accreditation information.

Use the best technology possible. Patients should ask their imaging centers if they have the lowest dose CT scanner in the area if they need a CT. They should ask whether MRI technology include wide bore for comfort and the latest software for shorter scans. Do they offer an easy scheduling and price model as well as efficient patient experience that gets you in quickly and turns around results the same day? Do they have a patient portal that easily allows for you, and your provider, to have access to your images 24/7/365?

Does the imaging center practice “Image Gently” to reduce radiation dose to patients and are their staff actually certified to do so? Is all equipment serviced and maintained by the manufacturer to insure accurate operation? A medical physicist should also be employed to verify accuracy of equipment.

Cost is always important. Do your research. Transparency is the only way to go here. Your imaging center should always be able to provide the total cost prior to your exam. Global fees that include all cost are always desirable. At Compass Peak Imaging we provide just that. View our pricing guide. Payment plans are also a tremendous benefit. You should have a choice of paying in full at the time of service or opting for a structured payment plan.

Your imaging center should be staffed by the areas most respected radiologists and most experienced technical staff. Ensure that staff has a favorable reputation and all have provided quality care for your area for an extended period of time. Locals who have called the area home for a long time can make a big difference when it comes to caring for their neighbors.

When your provider orders an imaging study ask him or her about options. Providers will tend to send you to a facility that may be convenient for them. This is not always the best option for you. Ask for the latest technology operated by the most experienced staff and at a competitive price. First hand knowledge is always a good place to start. Maybe a friend or neighbor can relay their experience with local choices? Consider how convenient the facility is for you.