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Keeping up with the rising cost of medical care is especially challenging in our region. Medical imaging accounts for a significant portion of that cost. Compass Peak Imaging has been formed to address this problem. We are here to provide high quality, cost-effective imaging care for our community. With 25 years of experience, we understand how to deliver efficient, patient-centered care. We have installed the finest equipment available and have assembled a highly trained team. Compass Peak Imaging is owned and operated by your neighbors who are dedicated to serving your health needs.

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Here’s what our patients have to say about our service

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Jamie Roth
Jamie Roth
23:44 02 Aug 19
After I banged up my shoulder in a bike wreck, my doctor sent me here to do x-rays. The facility was pleasant and welcoming. The staff friendly, helpful and professional. Most impressive, the radiologist viewed my films immediately, and brought me back in for another image when she caught something suspicious. The next day at the Dr. office I learned I had a nondisplaced fracture of the humerus. I like to do my google homework and read article after article about how difficult it is to see this kind of fracture on an X-ray and how often this injury is overlooked and the wrong treatment provided. Thanks to Peak Imaging and my doc, I am getting appropriate treatment and will be back on my bike soon.
Merrill Johnson
Merrill Johnson
20:22 02 Apr 19
Fantastic! Everyone is so helpful and great to work with! They made it very easy to get imaging. Was in and out of there in 15 minutes with results. Highly recommend them!
Dr. Adam Holen D.C.
Dr. Adam Holen D.C.
03:54 02 Apr 19
Working with Compass Peak has been a great experience. Caring, friendly, and professional. Easy to reach and very helpful in making sure patients receive an accurate diagnosis for best outcomes.
Nate Moe
Nate Moe
01:47 14 Mar 19
This is an incredible business. The staff was extremely friendly, professional and exceedingly knowledgeable. I will recommend Compass to everyone I know and if I need any imaging done in the future I will be returning. It is refreshing to see a business like this in today's world and cannot praise it enough! Their prices are incredible as well!
John K.
John K.
13:41 09 Feb 19
Great service and extremely professional. Their all inclusive pricing for each scan is readily and openly available !
Alison Birkenfeld
Alison Birkenfeld
19:23 03 Dec 18
Today I had an MRI at Compass Imaging. WOW! I was beyond impressed. The facility is very clean, bright and the staff was SO friendly and accommodating. Having the MRI itself in a room with natural sunlight and beautiful views of the snowy hillside of GWS really helped to make the experience so easy. I highly recommend this facility and feel so lucky to have it in our small valley.
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It’s Your Choice Where to Go for Imaging Services

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Expert Care

  • Compass Peak is dedicated to quality care

  • Radiologist with more than 20 years of patient-centered care

  • Highly trained and experienced technical staff
  • Service second to none

Better Patient Experience

  • As our neighbors, you deserve the best care our Valley has to offer

  • Our system of care provides an easy, efficient and pleasant experience

  • We are determined to bring a cost-conscience imaging solution to our patients

  • Aiming for an imaging experience that is as simple as possible for patients and physicians

  • Global pricing—single fee with no additional radiologist bill

The Best Technology

  • The best care requires the finest technology

  • We have installed the most up-to-date medical imaging equipment

  • Our equipment provides for faster MRI exams and lower dose CT exams

  • Each exam tailored to your specific needs

Our Services

We are excited to bring high-quality, community-first, patient-centric medical imaging to the patients of Colorado’s Western Slope. We have installed the finest equipment available and have assembled a highly trained team to meet your medical needs. We look forward to serving you.


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