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Why Choose Us?

Keeping up with the rising cost of medical care is especially challenging in our region. Medical imaging accounts for a significant portion of that cost. Compass Peak Imaging has been formed to address this problem. We are here to provide high quality, cost-effective imaging care for our community. With 25 years of experience, we understand how to deliver efficient, patient-centered care. We have installed the finest equipment available and have assembled a highly trained team. Compass Peak Imaging is owned and operated by your neighbors who are dedicated to serving your health needs.

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Expert Care

  • Compass Peak is dedicated to quality care

  • Radiologist with more than 20 years of patient-centered care

  • Highly trained and experienced technical staff
  • Service second to none

Better Patient Experience

  • As our neighbors, you deserve the best care our Valley has to offer

  • Our system of care provides an easy, efficient and pleasant experience

  • We are determined to bring a cost-conscience imaging solution to our patients

  • Aiming for an imaging experience that is as simple as possible for patients and physicians

  • Global pricing—single fee with no additional radiologist bill

The Best Technology

  • The best care requires the finest technology

  • We have installed the most up-to-date medical imaging equipment

  • Our equipment provides for faster MRI exams and lower dose CT exams

  • Each exam tailored to your specific needs

Our Services

We are excited to bring high-quality, community-first, patient-centric medical imaging to the patients of Colorado’s Western Slope. We have installed the finest equipment available and have assembled a highly trained team to meet your medical needs. We look forward to serving you.


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